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Looking to cut wound care costs? Time to Consider STAT Medical

The USA spends more than US$33 billion annually on chronic wound treatment, including diabetic ulcers.

When you choose STAT Medical for all of your Negative Pressure Wound Therapy needs, we will initiate a cost-effective and cost-saving program that helps you save money. 

We make it a simple process to provide your patients with life altering health benefits and quality-of-life-improvements.

Healing Wounds Together

STAT Medical offers a turn-key expertise approach in the discipline of NPWT. Our development team has put together a “Partner Program” that is unique in scope focusing on meeting and exceeding clinical outcomes. We are committed to partnering with clinicians and acute care facilities to provide state of the art medical solutions for a wide variety of patient wound care needs.

Through our innovative products and services program, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ long term success getting patients back to daily living. STAT Medical products have been medically evaluated and clinically proven to expedite healing in both the hospital and home settings.


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S.E.E. the Difference with STAT Medical NPWT Services

Managing NPWT just got easier. Our portfolio of services represents a novel shift
in NPWT. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and robust
partner program available nationwide. Our core focus is to streamline product
delivery and provide gold standard clinical and educational support. Services can
be tailored to fingerprint the needs of each individual facility providing added
efficiencies to maximize fiscal savings and improve patient outcomes.

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  • We have equipment, in stock, offered with same day/next day service and delivery.
  • A la carte supply order options (order as little as 1 item) to ensure no wasted supplies, making all partial foam kits complete and ready to use.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support and in-person consultation is available.
  • Certified wound care nursing support available.
  • “Partner Program” Service modifications available as needed to better serve clinicians and their patients.


  • Patients receiving NPWT services can move from in-patient status to outpatient status on the SAME wound pump.
  • We offer returns on any amount of supplies for a credit with no penalty or re-stocking fees.
  • No billing for wound pumps not in use – If a patient comes off a wound pump for 1 or more days prior to notifying STAT Medical only a phone call is needed to correct the billing.
  • Nisus wound pump cost sharing: Stat Medical will donate a wound pump to share cost responsibility for patients with extremely high cost for clinical care.


  • In-person education available for every facility prior to utilizing the Nisus family of products – education offered for all shifts any hour of the day.
  • American Board Wound Care unit training available to nurses wanting to further their knowledge in wound care.
  • In-person consulting for application support available for challenging and or complex wounds.
  • With 24-hour availability, STAT Medical can provide troubleshooting support for all Nisus therapy devices.

Hands down the best wound care company we have ever worked with

– Happy Patient

Wound Vacuum Applications

Diabetic Ulcers

Wound vac therapy is widely accepted for the treatment of non-infected non-ischaemic diabetic foot wounds.

Venous Ulcers

Venous ulcers due to abnormal vein function and  the underlying problems that cause them respond well to NPWT. 

Pressure Ulcers

NPWT is a great option to treat pressure ulcers (aka bedsores), primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin.

Chronic Wounds

A chronic wound is one that has failed to progress healing in an orderly and timely fashion. The wound vac can speed healing.

1st & 2nd Degree Burns

A burn wound is a complex and evolving injury, with both local and systemic consequences. Negative pressure wound therapy promotes the wound healing process.

Acute Wounds

Clinical application of negative pressure wound therapy has become a widely accepted technique in treatment of acute wounds.

Surgical Incisions

Vacuum-assisted closure or NPWAT is a method of decreasing air pressure around a wound and is used regularly for surgical wound healing.

High Risk Infections

NPWT stimulates infection-free scar tissue formation in a short time, and is a quick and comfortable alternative to conventional infected wounds treatment methods.


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